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1. How much does it cost to build a website?
It depends on a number of factors – such as the scope of work, chosen technology platform, number & complexity of features etc. As per our 10+ years of experience development costs can be reduced by proper definition work up front. Our business model enables us to deliver high -end sites at a cost significantly lower than our competition. After an initial consultation session, we give you ballpark estimates for design and development of your website. Once you approve the initial estimates, we do detailed analysis and estimation of the scope of work and present the final proposal with cost and time line details.

2. Can your developers make minor changes to the website that was created by someone else?
Yes, in most cases. Our team has extensive experience working on a wide range of technologies and solutions. Unless your website uses some obscure software or non-standard features, we can certainly take over the maintenance of the site. In any case, we will be happy to look at your site at no cost to you and give you an assessment of work and cost before taking up the assignment.

3. What if I’m not satisfied with the way the project is going?

The Client can escalate the matter to senior managers as well as top management through e-mails, instant messengers such as Skype and by telephone. And we assure you to listen to you with intention of finding the most amicable solution.

The most common complaints in our industry are that the project is running overtime, or that the developer is resisting suggestions that could improve the product.

A common development trap is to become aware of the risk of a missed deadline only at the end of the project. Varologic’s strict adherence to iterative development (mini-projects) helps us to avoid this trap. We track actual time required for each development task.

At the end of each iteration we ask ourselves, “How long was this supposed to take, and how long did it really take?” The same question applies to both the absolute time frame (Did we make our deadline?) and to our skill at accurately estimating (Did each task take the amount of time we thought it would?). If we find that the project is taking more time than we expected, then we can meet with the Client to discuss how to proceed and act accordingly whether adding more programmers, adjusting the schedule or cutting low priority functionality.

Ideally, all features are defined before the contract is signed. The problem is that often nobody, not even the Client, knows everything that should be in a system until the testing of the new features begins. Varologic’s process makes it easy to incorporate new ideas into the design as

we go. Occasionally, however, the Client and Varologic may disagree on whether major features were already covered in the contract. When such disagreements arise, as they invariably do, we look for ways to solve the impasse. Our goal is a collaborative relationship, based upon long-term understanding of mutual gain.

4. Do programmers write code in their native language?
No all code is written in British English. Varologic development team members are very strong in English communication skills – this is an inflexible requirement.

5. Is the code documented?
A project is not deemed complete until proper documentation is provided. We believe it is our professional responsibility to provide well-documented code. It also helps us in future projects to enhance functionality if and when the Client requires it.

6. How can I control the work on my project?
We keep in touch with the clients through e-mail and instant messengers, such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Our own Chat Room. Yes we use JIRA and Confluence where you can find daily update of your project. We also mail you about the amount of work that has been completed and intermediate results, as well as discuss changes and proposals.

7. How can we cooperate with you?

If you are interested in a cooperation, send us an email at with a short description of your needs, including project description/specification and deadlines, if any. We will analyze your request and get back to you with a proposal on the best technical execution as per your requirement and time and cost estimation.

In case you have additional questions or doubts you are most welcome to email us at or and we will make sure your queries are answered.

8. What city are you from?
We are located in Ahmedabad, the financial capital of the state of Gujarat. It is the largest city in Gujarat and 7th largest in India. Moreover, Ahmedabad is known as an important base for the India’s independence movement. Our time zone is +5.5 GMT.

9. Security issues are a priority for my company. How does Varologic address these issues?
At Varologic we follow a tri-level approach to security. Our security services cover end-to-end support for physical, data, and network security including: design and engineering services, monitoring services, security administration, and auditing services. Our approach is focused on ensuring that all systems and applications operate in a safe and reliable environment.

10. What happens once Varologic’s project is completed?
Varologic takes pride in its ability to get the job done and to fulfill a client’s expectations. Part of our contractual agreement with our clients is our guarantee against the workmanship completed. We offer on-going support programs to clients so they can focus their attention on managing their business.

11. How long does a project take?
Determined by the complexity of the project and desired delivery date, we do our best to meet any delivery schedule set by the client.

12. Can you do rush jobs?
Flexibility is our strength. With adequate information, we can expedite your job request to meet your needs.

13. How will I receive my project once it’s completed?
Once the payment formalities are done, we transfer all deliverable to you as agreed upon. Once project is completed and/or approved on our testing server, our team will deploy it on your live server with in depth testing.

14. Who owns the copyright?
Once you have made final payment for work done by Varologic, it belongs to you, and we no longer own any entitlement to it. We will just take your consent on whether or not to use it as part of our portfolio.
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